Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19)


June 1, 2020

Dear Care Innovations family

Roughly 10 weeks ago, we began this journey of maintaining the health and safety of our clients and caregivers in the midst of Covid-19.  All of our clients, family members and caregivers banded together and implemented systems and protocols that have been instrumental in keeping everyone safe so far.

While Texas has begun reopening, we are still concerned about this virus and the effect that it has on the elderly population. We are recommending that we maintain the same protocols and systems in place at this time.  Specifically, social distancing, only going out to essential meetings/appointments, limiting non- essential visitors.  We will be continuing the temperature and screening questions as well as masks for close contact care. We are closely monitoring the effects of the “re-opening” of Texas.  We are following both CDC guidelines as well as those set forth by the Department of Aging and Disability.  We will reassess as recommendations from these entities change.  We will coordinate with our clients and responsible parties to determine when each client feels it is appropriate to loosen restrictions.

Again, thank you for all your support and encouraging words.

Stay safe and healthy!

Kris Diaz

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